Monday, 16 August 2010

Any Ideas?

We are considering an overhaul of our website in the very near future.

We think it’s time to maybe start grouping the deals by Network.

Have specific sections of the website devoted to the different Networks that we have offers on.

We also want to really promote our sub affiliate opportunities.

As we have said before here, sub-affiliates really are the way forward for an affiliate of our size to take the next step.

We have passed the ‘500 accounts’ milestone and want to hit the next 500 in half the time.

We are also considering sections devoted to our players’ achievements. Maybe a ‘Hall of Fame’ type set up.

We would encourage any of our players that have won tournaments online or live to send us the detail and maybe we can initiate them into the New section of our website.

We already know of one of our players that made 2nd spot on a WSOP event this year for a payday in excess of $500k. When we have permission from this player to report on this we will likely make him one of the first entrants into the website.

We would also like to hear from any of our followers about ideas that they would like to see on our site or preferences they have for how the deals are displayed.

We need to know that our site is as interesting, up to date and user-friendly as possible, so the best way is to ask the people that use it the most…..

We are also keen to hear from French player.

After the recent changes in French laws regarding online poker then we realise that there is a market to be serviced.

If anyone out there is either a French player, or knows of one, then we would be very interested to chat to them.

Rest assured it would be extremely worthwhile for anybody that is able to assist us in this huge marketplace.

I look forward to hearing back from many of you with your ideas and comments.


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Recruiting sub-affiliates.

Once we established the whole ‘Tetleyboy Affiliates’ name and built up a good player base (400+ at time of posting) then the next stage is to see how best to start spreading the word without spending fortunes on advertising, which may not prove cost effective in any case.

It seems that the use of sub-affiliates is the answer.

Many of the deals we have allow us room to recruit sub-affiliates to offer the same excellent deal to the players and also have a worthwhile commission for themselves.

If you look at some of the so called ‘big boys’ in the rake back affiliate world, they will offer opportunities for anyone to act as their sub-affiliate.

Generally the sub-affiliate is looking at a commission of maybe 2-3% of the gross rake that their players generate.

This is a tiny incentive for the ‘sub’ but the main sites get away with this because they are able to allow the ‘subs’ to promote extras like rake races that the ‘sub’ would not normally be able to offer.

They use the fact that they have a huge player base generating high amounts of rake to offer special promotions to add extra value for the players and, subsequently, for the sub-affiliate’s players too.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and is an excellent business strategy and very attractive for a lot of players.


It is likely that by acting as our sub-affiliate that players get a better deal and the ‘sub’ gets a bigger percentage too. Everybody wins!

Admittedly, we don’t have the facility to offer giant rake races but players these days are far more knowledgeable about these sorts of things.

They realise that they are not realistically going to get any extra value from these races and so everything comes down to the quality of the basic standard deal and what they get back from it each month.

We are confident that our own standard deals are always as good and, in many cases, actually better value for the player.

We offer extras that other affiliates don’t as they feel that they are already offering the extra value in their exclusive promotions.

We feel that the better deals, the real value extras that we provide, all coupled with our customer service, means that our sub-affiliates are in a better position to recruit players.

There is also the advantage of the fact that your deals will stand out from the rest.

Because so many people choose to sub-affiliate for the biggest, well known sites, the market is flooded with offers that are all identical.

By using our deals, the prospective new player will actually be reading about offers and extras that he has not read a hundred times before.

When all things are considered, we feel that for a player to be successful as a sub-affiliate, we have deals that will afford the best opportunity for that to happen.

We also like the idea of ‘subs’ trading off the good name of Tetleyboy Affiliates.

It’s all good for us and it’s an excellent way for us to spread the word about who we are and what we do.

If you feel you’d like to explore the possibilities of being a ‘Tetley-sub’ then please get in touch.

The more, the merrier….