Friday, 24 June 2011

Massive BBJ on Boss

The Boss Media/IPN Network currently have the biggest Bad Beat Jackpot in history and it's getting bigger by the hour.

At the time of posting this, the Jackpot stands at an incredible €902,000. Depending on which exchange rate you apply, that is something in the region of $1.3 Million!!

I understand the arguments against the Bad Beat Jackpot tables and the increased rake that they take to add to the Jackpot fund but when the numbers get this big it's pretty hard to ignore.

Obviously, if you choose a Tetleyboy Affiliates deal on Boss then the huge returns will soften the blow, somewhat, when it comes to you getting your rakeback and bonuses.

When BBJ's hit these sorts of heights you are in the realms of having to consider that you probably have more chance of hitting that Jackpot than you do of winning a similar amount in the Lottery.

Remember, there are only a few thousand players on Boss usually and most of those are not even on the BBJ tables so your chances are greatly increased again.

Of course, unlike the lottery, if you 'buy a ticket' by way of signing up and playing on the site, you have the possibility of still ending up with more than you started even if you don't win a prize.

All things considered, if you ever had even the slightest inclination to play on the Boss Network then make it right now!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Still going strong......

Another month passes and the online poker world seems to be settling down after a pretty amazing few weeks.

This tends to be a period of slowdown for sites such as ourselves as players take a break from the grind to go on holiday or just enjoy the weather. (Assuming, of course, you are not based in the UK!)

The quiet periods give us chance to review all our deals to make sure that we are still as competitive as we like to be and we have been pleasantly surprised.

We like to keep up with what the opposition are advertising and we enjoyed the fact that we could not find a single deal that we felt was better than one we already had.

Naturally, we are going to say that, but is a simple fact that our deals really are as good as you can get.

When I was playing online full time a number of years ago, I would always choose my affiliate very carefully and found that I was certainly drawn to the ones with the proven good track record and the familiar names.

The last few years has seen a large increase in affiliates offering their services to players and we are delighted to get the feedback that tells us the ‘Tetleyboy ‘ name and reputation are what convince players to not only use us, but also refer fellow players to us.

We are even noticing a subtle change in how affiliate managers at poker sites treat us.

The deals they offer now are just that little bit better than a few years ago and we like to think this is because they know that we can convert the offers to real life new players for them so they are willing to give us the best deal which they know will produce results.

The fact that the sites now contact US to be promoted, rather than the other way around suggests we must be doing something right.

Over the quiet periods of the year we try to contact as many ‘inactive’ players as possible.

When you have over 800 names on your books, a lot are inactive and it’s a challenge trying to keep up with this.

It’s probably one of the most important aspects of the job to make sure it’s a success.

We want to find out if players are inactive because they disliked our service or maybe the deals we offer were not as they expected.

It’s these personal touches that we like to think have helped towards our success and we hope that we will be providing the best service for many years to come.