Friday, 18 March 2011

Giant return deals..........seriously

Another month goes by for the fast moving world of the poker affiliate.

We’ve spent the last few weeks making further subtle changes to the website.

We’ve streamlined the way we give the information on each particular Network and increased the amount of information we give for each individual site by devoting an entire page to each deal.

It is while doing this that we got a true picture of just how insanely good some of our deals are.

Obviously we knew they were good but some are really quite exceptional.

Take, for example, the deal we have on an Entraction site called Club4Aces.

Players get 30% rakeback PLUS a deposit bonus that adds another 20% PLUS reloads every second month PLUS rake races that can add between 5-30% PLUS a completely private rake race that can add another 10-20%.

Many players on this site, maybe raking between €1k and €1.5k per month are enjoying returns anywhere between 50-80%

If you just happen to hit the sweet spot with your rake that happens to pay a prize that equates to a high percentage return then you could literally be looking at close to 100% back.

And this is a STANDARD deal. Nothing that breaks any rules.

We have this deal because we are fortunate enough to have built up a reputation that means that sites that have these exceptional deals contact US so we can promote them.

We don’t necessarily have to go in search of these deals. Often they find us.

Looks like our hard work has paid off……….