Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The new look site is here!

After much deliberation and discussion, we have finally completed our new look website.

Regular visitors will still see the same familiar colour scheme but there are a couple of major changes and what we hope are improvements.

We felt that the home page was getting just a little too full up with information so we have decided to create different sections of the website that are dedicated to each of the different Networks and then group the deals into the different Networks.

Just choose the tab down the side for the Network that most interests you and you will find the selection of deals that we have for that particular Network.

To assist those that are new to Online poker or maybe just a little in the dark about certain things, we have added a table on the home page that links to PokerScout so you can see, in real time, the top 10 busiest Networks and the player numbers at that specific moment.

We have also created a brand new page that explains the different types of rake calculation methods that sites use and how they affect different styles of play.

We hope that we are providing a service that benefits both novice players and experienced grinders alike.

Any feedback on the new site and possible new content that you would like to see would be greatly appreciated.

(Tetleyboy )

Friday, 10 September 2010

Summer's over...

It seems that the summer months are finally over, at leat for us in the Northern Hemisphere, which is good news for the poker affiliate.

Player volume shows a marked decrease at this time of year due to the obvious things like holidays and the fact that better weather means players spend less time in front of the computer.

The challenge facing the affiliate is how to encourage the more recreational players back into the habit of playing regularly.

It is not so much of a problem for the serious online pro because he needs to take a break some time and summer is the obvious time to do it.

However, if your are a recreational player that tends only to play evenings and weekends then the act of playing less for a couple of weeks or months inevitably leads to you getting used to playing less.

For this reason we try to make sure that if we have new deals in the pipeline then this is the time that we make them public.

Much like shops will hold their best ’sales’ during January. Shoppers have gone crazy in the lead up to Christmas and a combination of bad weather, exhaustion from shopping and the holiday season and straight-forward lack of money means that shops will be extremely quiet in January. Therefore they offer the best bargains to tempt shoppers back into the habit of spending money.

This same thing applies to the good poker affiliate.

If we offer something special at this time of year then it will get a lot of people back in the habit of playing.

And if the deal is good enough then there is the added bonus of getting a lot of ‘dormant’ players active again.

It is extremely rewarding to spend a lot of time negotiating and finalising a deal that you think will be popular and then finding out that you were right and the time was well spent.

All of our players will be hearing from us in the next week with some incredible new deals that we have arranged and we are confident that they can look forward to a lucrative few months ahead.