Friday, 15 April 2011

Play against Italians!

We have seen a sharp increase lately in deals on sites that have Italian players among their numbers.

Although we don’t have any direct evidence, we are led to believe by some very experienced online players that the Italian players may not be as tough to play against as a lot of other nationalities.

We are seeing that players are willing to sacrifice a few percent of rakeback in favour of a significantly increased winrate.

For this reason we are delighted to be able to offer a selection of deals which allow players to take advantage of this situation.

One is on the ENET Network, which is primarily for Italian players but software also allows players from other countries to register.

Although ENET do not allow rakeback to be offered, we still have some great deals including deposit bonuses.

Another option is a site called Piranha Poker which is actually on the Everleaf Network.

The great thing is that not only does it include all the normal Everleaf players, it is also the ONLY site on Everleaf to have a license that allows them to sign up Italian players.

These Italian players cannot play against players in the normal Everleaf player pool so the only way to share a table with them is to sign up through Piranha and you will then have access to all the tables where the Italian players are.

The fact is that Piranha has maybe double the normal number of tables running compared to the other sites on the Network and even some exclusive ‘4 seater’ tables.

You also get 35% rake back on this site, paid direct into your account each week.

Sites including Italian players really are extremely popular at the moment and we believe we have the very best options around.

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